Oeba Solutions gives your business a digital tool for verification and important support to introduce compliance monitoring in both small and large organizations.  


Why do we exist and what do we stand for?

Working for many years with environment and quality at large companies, we noticed the increase in need for efficient aids in modern IT technology. We started thinking about developing our own web application for management of routines and requirements prescribed by law. When the authorities transferred more and more of the responsibility over onto the companies, the need increased further.

In 2004 we started a company called HUAB, Hållbarhetsutveckling AB. The idea was to create a web application that would be easy to use for many different companies. We made improvements to the idea and created a tool that could be adapted to different branches of industry and to the needs of the specific companies - Oebas® Works was created and the company name was changed to Oeba Solutions AB.

Our business idea for Oeba Solutions AB is to simplify and improve the flows of communication and information, as well as creating an efficient way of management and findng new paths for collecting and distributing data. We work with self-monitoring!

We stand for quality and knowledge with a continous intention to develop the best solution for the client. It is all built on the foundation that our co-workers are satisfied, that they are allowed to evolve and that they have the opportunity to contribute with their ideas and creativity to our development and that of our clients.

Prominent Tools for Self-Monitoring

Oeba Solutions AB develop, sell and market the web application Oebas® Works. Oebas® Works is currently the leading tool for self-monitoring on the Swedish market and with regards to functionality and user-friendliness, it is unique in the world.



We provide services for clients nationally and internationally. Frequently they are large organizations with extensive complex requirements for IT system reliability, user-friendliness and capacity. They also have the highest possible requirements for information and documentation.

Some of our clients are Coop, KF-Värmland, City-Gross/ Bergendahlsgruppen, Swedavia, Viking Line, HK
Scan, Medley etc.



Oeba Solutions – Efficient Self-Monitoring and Internal Control

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